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Technology Decisions Article

Recent Article Courtesy of Jonathan Nally from Technology Decisions http://www.technologydecisions.com.au/content/cloud-and-virtualisation/article/on-the-right-foot-with-it-infrastructure-418319149#axzz4HMtFireM On the right foot with IT...

CyberCrime Article Aisa Insurance Review

Australia: Cyber crime costs economy more than US$700 mln a year Source: eDaily | 31 Jul 2015   Cyber crime in Australia is estimated to be costing the economy more than A$1 billion (US$730 million) a year, according to the...

Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

Protecting your Data "in the Cloud" Many of you would have recently read or heard about the recent closure of “MegaUploads.com” a public cloud based storage website. Unfortunately as a result of this article, there have been some...

New Data Centre Presence

New Data Centre Presence The Business Doctor is in the process of populating new rack space in the extremely high density E3 DataCentre in Sydney to expand our networks further. The E3 Datacentre has massive power capabilities per rack...

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