Systems and Environment Monitoring

The Business Doctor can monitor all your systems so you don't have to worry. With easy to use specialised programs specific to your needs, monitoring your system will never be cause for concern again

Email Monitor
Emails are increasingly becoming vital to the running of a business so being protected from unwanted emails and viruses is also vital. The Business Doctor provides email hosting that not only ensures you have a reliable email service, but also filters and controls all unneeded and unwanted material.
Environmental Monitor
Have a need for a to make sure that your server environment is stable? The Business Doctor has what you need to have just that. The Business Doctor has data centres across Australia that are monitored to ensure that you can get the most out of your stored equipment.
Systems Monitor
The Business Doctor has an award winning full remote monitoring and management solution. It is a easy to use system that monitors all computers and devices on your network that continually keeps track of your system so you never have to worry.

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