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Over the years, we’ve developed a process that ensures you get the best outcome from our range of solutions. The five steps below outline our straightforward process.

Step 1

Understand your business

We recognise that there's no one-size-fits-all solution for improving IT. We review your current IT architecture to develop a solid understanding of how you use IT, how you’d like to use it and the improvements that can be made to make your life easier. Getting to know your business enables us to tailor our approach and offering so you end up with a system that is perfect for your current and future needs.

Step 2

Workshop the best approach to rolling out The Business Doctor Private Cloud for your organisation

After we get an understanding of your needs, we’ll provide you with several options for migrating your business to The Business Doctor Private Cloud. Part of this process involves working with you to co-develop a unique system that meets your infrastructure, application, security and access needs. It’s a team effort and you’ll be involved in the process because you know your business best.

Step 3

Develop and deliver a transition plan

After workshopping with you, we devise the most effective strategy for transitioning your business to The Business Doctor Private Cloud. We know business continuity is a concern for many business owners when considering migration, which is why we support the transition plan with deployment guidance. This allows you peace of mind that your business will continue to operate with minimal disruption.

Step 4

Migrate to The Business Doctor Private Cloud

Once the transition plan has been approved, you determine the scheduling of the migration to minimise the impact on your business. We work alongside you to seamlessly and rapidly migrate your system to The Business Doctor Private Cloud. Working with experts means you avoid costly time overruns that inevitably affect your business.

Step 5

Review and ongoing consultation

Your business needs are not static and as your business grows, your private cloud requirements will change. We will regularly review your set up and provide strategic consultation to ensure that additional capacity and capability is available if needed. Through strategic consultation, we identify practices and areas in IT systems that can foster growth and efficiency within your organisation, and advise you of the most cost-effective private cloud solutions moving forward.

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