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Enjoy Superior Service & Support With The Business Doctor’s Managed Private Cloud Solutions

Are you thinking about cloud services but don’t know what you need? Do you like the idea of having someone with expert knowledge to simplify the process? Do you have a complex system that would benefit from a cloud solution?

By introducing a private cloud for your organisation’s data you will be able to reduce unnecessary spending on IT systems, allowing you to re-allocate that budget to other areas of your business. The Business Doctor provides exemplary IT support with private, dedicated cloud technology that improves security, while ensuring flexibility for growing businesses and organisations.

The Business Doctor Managed Private Cloud can include:

Cloud Migration Planning

We make migrating to a private cloud as simple as possible to minimise downtime, including:

  • Network Planning & Creation

    We design and build private silo’d network environments for each new system to ensure your data is protected and secured from other environments.

  • Dedicated Support  

    Dedicated support staff during the migration process.

  • Email Hosting Migration 

    Migrating your email to a secure private email service.

  • Web Hosting Migration 

    Migration of your websites to dedicated & supported hosting service.

Private & Dedicated Cloud

Our private and dedicated cloud is locally hosted and allows for scalability and self-service.

Benefits include:

  • Resource Sharing 

    Share internal resources among a large number of users.

  • Environment Control

    Suited to organisations that require direct control over their environments.

  • Tailored Solutions

    We tailored your private cloud to your specific business needs.

  • Fully Secure And Monitored

    We help to mitigate against risk of data loss or breach.

Hosted Services

We offer hosted services to clients behind enterprise grade hardware, providing a highly secure environment where privacy and data are protected.

By utilising hosted services, you receive:

  • Data Control

    Have direct control over your data.

  • Flexible & Remote 

    Greater flexibility allows staff to work remotely.

  • Managed & Monitored

    A fully managed and monitored services for your business.

  • Adaptable

    An adaptable solution to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Solutions for Complex & Evolving Networks

We understand unique and complex networks and know how to implement cloud services to reduce interdepartmental silos, improve efficiency and map dependency between components, providing you with a complete solution.

  • Agile Business

    Your business will become more agile through use of our latest private cloud technology.

  • Private Cloud Infrastructure 

    Your private cloud infrastructure can be built for broad network access and resource pooling.

  • Responsive Support

    Support you to identify root causes of services issues as soon as they appear.

  • Tools & Training

    We equip you with all the tools & training you need to effectively use your private cloud environment.

Data and Analytics

Unlock the power of your data to gain valuable insights into your customers and operations to inform real-time decisions.

  • Data Access 

    Quickly access your business data anytime, anywhere, across your organisation.

  • Real-Time Data 

    Solve business challenges and improve organisational innovation through utilising real-time data.

Onsite & Staff Training

Get the most from your managed private cloud with our training program, designed to ensure you and your team are comfortable with the technology.

We can provide:

  • IT Advice

    Advice on optimal IT environments, IT monitoring, security, system integration and online backup solutions.

  • Staff Training

    Staff training and professional development, improving your internal IT capability and knowledge.

Our managed private cloud solutions have been successfully rolled out in businesses and organisations both large and small. We provide the flexibility and security you need without the high price tag.

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