Security Consultations

The Security Of Your IT Systems Is A TOP Priority For The Business Doctor

Worried that your data isn’t as secure as it could be? Thinking about a cloud solution but not sure if there are security implications? Want the assurance of an expert reviewing your systems to provide feedback?

The Business Doctor has a team of experienced professionals helping businesses just like yours ensure their IT security is as tight as possible for the benefit of you, your employees and your customers.

Our security consultations cover a wide range of areas including:

Network Security

  • Local & Wide Area Networks

    We have the expertise to advise you on the right computer networks to improve network security.

  • Cloud Solutions

    We help to maximise performance and reduce security threats.

  • Security Devices

    We provide the support and implementation of numerous security devices from Firewalls and monitoring to log management and SIEM.

  • Managed Security Services

    Ensure both your internal systems and your cloud data are safe.

IT Systems Design, Planning & Engineering

  • Managed IT Security Services

    Prevent and detect intrusions with advanced security systems in an environment where firewalls and antivirus are no longer effective on their own.

  • Latest Updates

    We have a strict and proactive policy to systems patching and vulnerability management.

  • Cloud Services

    Take advantage of the cloud securely with a custom-designed and engineered system.

IT Audit & Reporting

  • Streamlining

    Reduce unnecessary duplication and disorganisation.

  • Business Awareness

    Through reporting and strong monitoring systems, be aware of areas of inefficiency.

  • Save Money

    Consolidation reduces IT costs and simplifies systems management, thus reducing ongoing costs.

  • Understand Your Weaknesses

    When you know your weaknesses you can turn them into strengths.

Security Advice for Government

  • Government Advice

    We provide security advice to the Australian Government, not just business owners.

  • Regain Control of Your Data

    We’ll explain how you can maximise the efficiencies of the cloud without losing security over your data.

Think your business or department would benefit from a security consultation with our experienced team?
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